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Quick diffuser

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An infuser teapot easy to use and allows you to pour your tea straight  into the mug.

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Tastea Organic Teas

The promise of exceptional blends

Enjoy the best tea at home with tastea’s exceptional blends. All our tea blends are organic for a rich taste and a positive effect on your health.

For an intense flavor experience, let one of our experts advise you on the blend of tea that better suits your taste palette. Our Tastea promise is:

Our Kamjove TP-160 Patented Press Art Teapot has a 500ml capacity and makes infusing loose leaf tea less messy and more convenient.


This glass teamaker has been invented for those busy people who have no time to carry out the whole process of infusing tea using a traditional gongfu style but still wish to have a good cup of tea. The glass teamaker contains three main parts: food-safety plastic lid; heat-resistant glass liner/infuser equipped with a filter; and the serving container.

Using this teamaker is very simple:

Step 1: Put the appropriate amount of tea into the inner pot.

Step 2: Add water heated to the appropriate temperature (usually boiling) into the container and cover with the lid.

Step 3. After an appropriate amount of time, just press the button on the lop of lid.

Step 4. Serve the tea according to personal preference.

Capacity: 500ml

Premium-quality borosilicate glass

It’s all-glass teapot with infuser made of hand-blown borosilicate glass, which is a high-grade thermal glass. It’s heatproof, can easily withstand boiling water and will never go cloudy even after years of use. It is ideally suited for tea lovers who want to make sure there are no elements that could impart a flavour to your tea.

Weight 800 g


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